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Approaching Pain Holistically

Approaching Pain Holistically

Elements Massage Gilbert

After rigorous activity, it’s okay to feel a little achy and sore. Although it can be easy to reach for over-the-counter pain medicine, there are alternative options. Massage offers a great non-pharmacological approach to pain as it delivers a wide variety of benefits and much needed relief.

Pain Meds
There are two different categories of commonly used pain medicines generally used for muscle soreness, fatigue, and regular aches and pains. The most commonly used type of drug is categorized as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, otherwise known as NSAIDS. The second category of OTC pain medicines are acetaminophens. Both of these categories are known to most people under their name-brand titles: Advil, Aleve, or Tylenol.

While these drugs serve a great purpose, all of them carry the potential for negative side effects such as increasing the risk of heart disease, causing gastrointestinal issues or ulcers, renal complications, or even kidney problems.

Using Massage
For a more holistic and less pharmacological approach to pain, massage offers an effective strategy that utilizes the body’s natural ability to relieve pain by boosting the release of endorphins. The application of pressure and movement of touch delivered during a massage session boosts the body’s blood flow and encourages recovery and repair while reducing pain symptoms.

Key factors in massage include the stimulation of lymph, immune, and circulatory systems in addition to the suppression of anxiety and stress levels. This calms the central nervous system and enables the body to unlock natural relief.

Lastly, massage nurtures the mind and body connection to deliver a more holistic awareness of pain. As a positive natural pain management strategy, massage can do great work to combat the difficulties of dealing with chronic pain.

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