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After Pregnancy: The Benefits of Postpartum Massage

After Pregnancy: The Benefits of Postpartum Massage

Elements Massage Gilbert

The Benefits of Postpartum Massage

Pregnancy is an exciting whirlwind, but it can pale in comparison to the dizzying tasks of new parenting. At Elements Massage Gilbert, we are here to aid in your transition by harnessing the restorative powers of massage. Our therapeutic massage services will help you feel your best as you recover from giving birth and adjust to the new world of parenthood.

As a non-pharmacological and non-invasive method of reducing stress and anxiety, postpartum massage is an excellent tool for women in this precious stage of life. Here are a few of the main ways in which massage can ease the mind and body back to a new equilibrium:

Better Sleep

While sleep may be a rarity for new parents, massage can improve the quality of the sleep you do get. By enabling your mind and body to relax, massage can decrease stress and boost your natural sleep patterns to allow you to get better rest whenever possible in between diaper changes and feedings.

Less Pain
Much like during pregnancy, the postpartum phase is full of uncomfortable sensations. This is partially due to your body returning to its normal state—which can be a slow and awkward process. In addition, many new mothers experience neck and shoulder pain and other aches that come from rocking a baby and sleeping in strange positions. Massage is effective at alleviating many of these aches and pains. At Elements Massage Gilbert, our professional staff is here to help ease tension and keep your muscles strong and pliable.

Increased Movement
Due to the hormonal changes experienced during pregnancy, your body may still be swollen after birth as your fluid retention levels return to normal. With massage, the stimulating movement and application of pressure can help get things going and assist in delivering a truly therapeutic and relaxing experience.

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