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Due to concerns around Covid-19, we are prioritizing the health and safety of our clients and staff and will be temporarily closed effective March 19. We plan to reopen to the community on June 1. Please email or call our studio if you would like to schedule a future massage. We are sorry for any inconvenience.

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10165 Hennepin Town Rd
Suite 103
Eden Prairie, MN 55347

Mon - Fri 9am - 9pm
Sat - Sun 8am - 8pm

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Clear the Mind and Relax Your Body

Clear the Mind and Relax Your Body

Before rolling out of bed to greet the morning sunrise, take a few minutes of long, deep breathes to clear out the cobwebs from the night before and prepare your mind for a productive, stress-free day. By focusing on the positive aspects of what you plan on accomplishing for your day, you are setting yourself up for a happy and healthy mental wellness day. Research from the Mayo Clinic has indicated that health benefits from positive thinking may range from increased life span and reduced risk of death from cardiovascular disease to lower rates of depression and distress, better psychological and physical well-being, and improved coping skills during hardships and stressful times.

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