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5 Ways to Slow Down Your Summer

John L. Pantera Jul 5, 2017 Life

Come September, it’s as common as back-to-school ads; people everywhere remark on how quickly the summer flew by.  With May we entertain summer visions of lazy days spent reading, swimming, and relaxing, and before we know it the summer has passed by in a flurry of activities and social engagements.  Wouldn't it be nice if we could slow things down a...

Why Massage Makes the Perfect Wedding Gift

John L. Pantera Jun 28, 2017 Life

As the Big Day draws near, you start happily checking items off your to-do list.  Flowers: check.  Dress and tux: of course.  Music playlist for the reception: finally yes.  Gifts for the important folks involved in the wedding: welllll . . . chances are you’re still hunting for JUST the right present, and could perhaps use a little inspiration. ...

How to Handle Tax Day Stress

John L. Pantera Apr 12, 2017 Life

It’s often said that Tax Day is, for many, our least-favorite day of the year.  If finances and employment are stressful for you on a regular basis, then it makes sense that you’re not a fan of the one day in the year that shines a big, unforgiving spotlight on those very issues.  In fact, 69% of us blame our stress on financial issues, and 65% of us blame...

Are You Being Kind to Yourself?

John L. Pantera Nov 15, 2016 Life

“Be kind whenever possible.  It is always possible.”  When you read this quote by the Dalai Lama, what comes to mind?  Coming to the aid of a neighbor down on her luck?  Showing patience to the coworker who regularly tromps on your nerves?  Volunteering at the local homeless shelter?  We’re guessing that, to you, “being kind”...

What Will You Let Go Of This Fall?

John L. Pantera Nov 9, 2016 Life

Cozy sweaters, fragrant pots of soup simmering in the slow-cooker, thick socks, many cups of hot chocolate or steaming tea – this season has us taking up all the cold-weather habits and supplies we tossed aside during the summer months.  Some fight this arrival of chilly weather as they would a home intruder – “how dare you?  Get out of here! ...

The Importance of Gratitude

John L. Pantera Sep 14, 2016 Life

Do you show gratitude to the people around you?  How about your spouse?  Does they know how much you appreciate them?  This Sunday is Wife Appreciation Day, and we thought it timely to discuss just this concept.  How important is it to show your appreciation?  Researchers at the University of Georgia were wondering...

Tax Day Tornado

John L. Pantera Apr 13, 2016 Life

Ready or not, here it is. Tax Day is upon us – the giant alarm clock that is annually wound and set for the entire nation is poised to go off; its striking terror in those who have yet to visit their tax preparer, or boot up the online tax preparation du jour. Whether you’re the giant-trash-bag-full-of-receipts kind of filer, or the labeled-files-for-everything variety,...

It's a Mad, Mad March

John L. Pantera Mar 23, 2016 Life

It’s almost spring, and with it comes a beautiful soundtrack of a few more birds in the trees, kids playing in sunny yards and neighborhood sounds of mowers and rakes. And, if you’ve got basketball fans in your house, add to that spring soundtrack hours of TV announcers discussing brackets, fans cheering in packed basketball arenas, and the squeak of players’...

Spring Resolutions: Revisiting Our Goals

John L. Pantera Mar 9, 2016 Life

We don’t know about you, but the fact that it’s almost officially springtime makes us want to jump up and down with happiness. Sure, there is a lot to love about winter – the attitude of rest it inspires, the opportunities to spend time with loved ones during the holidays and the frosty fun activities that are only possible thanks to  snow and ice. However,...

It's February: Keep your Health Resolution with Massage Therapy

John L. Pantera Feb 10, 2016 Life

It's now the second week of February... As life gets busy, it’s a good week to check in on your New Year’s resolution. Have you started your new healthy lifestyle? Eating right? Exercising? Making healthy choices day-in and day-out? If not, now’s the time to start. If you're looking for something that will help your mind and your body throughout...

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