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Mon - Sun 9am - 9pm
Elements Massage 80 Center Square
East Longmeadow, MA   01028
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East Longmeadow

Center Village Square (Starbuck's Plaza)

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80 Center Square
East Longmeadow, MA 01028

Mon - Sun 9am - 9pm

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Words of Wellness / Business & Leadership

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Devon Shaw Jun 9, 2019 Business & Leadership

This Father’s Day, give dad a gift that he’ll actually use. And we don’t mean another tie to add to his collection. Give dad the gift of massage. He took care of you all those years, so now it’s time to return the favor. Trust us, he’ll thank you later. Here’s why dad deserves one: 1. Stress relief: Stress can affect every part...

John L. Pantera Mar 7, 2018 Business & Leadership

Renowned Massage Industry Expert Eric Stephenson Will Implement Culture and Education Programs for the Brand Nationwide.

John L. Pantera May 24, 2017 Business & Leadership

John Pantera is an Elements Massage® franchisee in East Longmeadow, Massachusetts. Familiar with WellBiz Brands Inc., John owned two Fitness Together® franchises before starting his Elements Massage® franchise. When not running his studio, John is busy with his wife, Allison and their three children, Julia, Maria and Robert. Why Franchising? “My...

John L. Pantera Oct 7, 2015 Business & Leadership

Elements Massage opened our doors 7 years ago on October 1st, 2008. Happy Anniversary to the staff and clients of this amazing business.  We are so proud and happy to be a part of this wonderful community, and to be fortunate to provide health and wellness (and stress relief) in a natural way to our one-of-a-kind clients.  These past 7 years have flown...

John L. Pantera Aug 26, 2015 Business & Leadership

Happy Women's Equality Day! On Aug 26, 1920, women achieved the right to vote in the US. From all of us at Elements Massage, thank you to everyone who strives for equality.

John L. Pantera Oct 1, 2014 Business & Leadership

  Today, on October 1st, 2014, Elements Massage celebrates the 6-year anniversary of being open in East Longmeadow, MA.  We are so proud to be a part of this great community and of the amazing team that is here in the studio.  Six years has flown by and much has happened, but the one thing that has not changed is the exceptional healing that our staff has given...

John L. Pantera Apr 11, 2013 Business & Leadership

This week's question was “What stresses you out most about tax season?" Taxes can cause stress for many people, including those whose job is to provide stress relief for people (our wonderful massage therapists).

John L. Pantera Mar 27, 2013 Business & Leadership

To highlight the expertise and personalities of Elements' amazing therapists and increase engagement with clients, we're introducing “Therapist Thursdays” online.

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