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Blog / Business & Leadership

Devon Shaw Aug 13, 2019 Business & Leadership

Sometimes, life seems like it’s moving at a rapid speed. Although time hasn’t changed, our lives have. We’re packing more and more things into a day while trying to reduce stress and anxiety. Living in the present is a practice that can be achieved by implementing little things into your daily life. Try these simple changes and notice subtle changes in your...

Devon Shaw Jun 9, 2019 Business & Leadership

This Father’s Day, give dad a gift that he’ll actually use. And we don’t mean another tie to add to his collection. Give dad the gift of massage. He took care of you all those years, so now it’s time to return the favor. Trust us, he’ll thank you later. Here’s why dad deserves one: 1. Stress relief: Stress can affect every part...

Mar 6, 2019 Business & Leadership

At Elements Massage, we’re focused on providing a world-class experience for all Elements’ studio members and massage therapists, which is why last year we appointed Eric Stephenson as our Chief Wellness Officer! With over 20-years of experience in the industry, Eric is focused on creating best-in-class experiences for our clients and our teams. On...

Devon Shaw Oct 30, 2018 Business & Leadership

With National Massage Therapy Awareness Week coming up from October 21 to the 27, we thought it would be a good time to review some of the benefits of massage therapy. You might have the perception that massage therapy is just about ‘feeling good,’ and you would be right, but that isn’t the whole picture!   Massage therapy isn’t a new practice...

Devon Shaw Oct 23, 2018 Business & Leadership

It all starts November 22: Thanksgiving. Followed the next day by the shopping frenzy that is Black Friday. Over 30% of annual retail sales in the US happen between Black Friday and Christmas Eve. It’s a month long rush of holiday parties and events, holiday concerts and gift buying.   Self-care gifts are the new black   The irony is that...

Devon Shaw Jul 23, 2018 Business & Leadership

This week, we are highlighting Heather White, one of our talented Elements Massage® Massage Therapists! Heather works in the Elements Massage studio located in Murfreesboro, Tennessee and she’s been a licensed Massage Therapist since 2004. When we spoke to Heather she shared with us, why she became a Massage Therapist. For Heather, it was important to be in a career...

John L. Pantera Mar 7, 2018 Business & Leadership

Renowned Massage Industry Expert Eric Stephenson Will Implement Culture and Education Programs for the Brand Nationwide.

John L. Pantera Sep 13, 2017 Business & Leadership

If you’re currently pregnant, then “Labor Day” took on a whole new meaning for you this year.  Whether you’re at the end stages of your pregnancy and wished that the day had held magical labor-inducing properties, or if you have a few more months to go, no doubt you spent some time thinking about your pregnancy, your labor, and how to best care for...

John L. Pantera May 24, 2017 Business & Leadership

John Pantera is an Elements Massage® franchisee in East Longmeadow, Massachusetts. Familiar with WellBiz Brands Inc., John owned two Fitness Together® franchises before starting his Elements Massage® franchise. When not running his studio, John is busy with his wife, Allison and their three children, Julia, Maria and Robert. Why Franchising? “My...

John L. Pantera Feb 24, 2016 Business & Leadership

If you were granted a gift of an extra hour that was yours, free and clear, with which to do whatever you wanted, what would you do?  What about an extra six hours? How about an entire day? It doesn’t take long for the brain to start spinning with options and ideas, and before long, we’ve got an arm-length list.  Would you sleep? Enjoy a lengthy hike? Cuddle...

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