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How Massage Can Prepare You for Winter Sports

John L. Pantera Nov 4, 2015 Nutrition & Fitness

If you’ve watched any forecasts, there’s talk of some pretty heavy weather coming this winter. If you enjoy winter sports, you’re chomping at the bit for the snow to get here. But ask yourself: Is your body ready? Winter sports can take a toll and cause soreness — especially at the start of the season. Starting your season early with regular massage will...

5 Summer Recipes for Healthy Skin

John L. Pantera May 27, 2015 Nutrition & Fitness

Summer is fast approaching, and I am sure you have outdoor fun planned. Protecting your skin is more important than ever. Sunscreen adds protection from the outside in, but what about the inside out? Did you know that there are certain foods and vitamins that can help protect your skin from the inside out? Here are five recipes that will help provide protection as well as keep...

Tips to Decrease Recovery Time after Running

John L. Pantera May 20, 2015 Nutrition & Fitness

There’s no question that running is an incredible exercise for both your mind and your body. However, running can be pretty tough on your body. Here are some running recovery tips that will help you prepare for and recover from your run.   Recovery Begins Before Your Run  Eat light and healthy. Try something that your body can quickly absorb. Bananas,...

Add Massage to Your Active Lifestyle

John L. Pantera Jan 7, 2015 Nutrition & Fitness

Regular massages not only help with relieving back pain, neck pain and other common ailments, but they can also help to reduce the mental and physical stress associated with strenuous workouts, while increasing your body’s circulation and range of motion. Specifically, therapeutic massage can increase health and well-being of individuals with an active lifestyle by aiding...

Feed Your Muscles to Promote Healthy Healing

John L. Pantera Oct 15, 2014 Nutrition & Fitness

The old saying, “You are what you eat,” doesn’t only apply when you’re looking to shed a few pounds. How you fuel your body is also important to how your muscles respond and recover after a vigorous workout or injury. To promote peak muscle performance and improve the body’s healing process, it may be helpful to evaluate your diet so you’re...

Woman Power: Be a Healthy, Happy, Fit Female

John L. Pantera Sep 24, 2014 Nutrition & Fitness

If you’re planning on dedicating some time and energy to becoming happier, healthier and more fit this fall, the following three tips from Elements Massage can help you get started on living a life of overall health and wellness. Be the Woman You Want to Be There are a lot of stereotypes and opinions in society around how women should look, act and feel. But, when...

Four Reasons Weekend Warriors Have Monday Morning Pain

John L. Pantera Aug 14, 2013 Nutrition & Fitness

Signing up for a charity golf tournament without swinging a club all summer, agreeing to climb a fourteener during a late night barbeque with friends, or backpacking 10 miles with the kids to a campsite all sound like fun summer weekend activities. But, your body may not be feeling so great on Monday morning after participating in the likes of these weekend warrior...

12 Quick and Healthy Breakfasts Nutritionists Actually Eat

John L. Pantera Jul 31, 2013 Nutrition & Fitness

Ever wonder what people who dispense nutrition advice for a living actually eat? Just like all of us, nutritionists on the go find it difficult to make the time for a healthy breakfast.  But they do eat them.So, here are the results from an informal survey of nutritionists on their typical fast and healthy breakfast options:Steel-cut oatmeal with dried fruit, flax and chia...

Summer Sports Survival Guide: Train, Compete, Recover, Repeat

John L. Pantera Jul 24, 2013 Nutrition & Fitness

As you pound the pavement for hundreds of miles during your marathon training program, repeatedly swing a golf club throughout the summer tournament season or perfect your backhand on the tennis courts, it’s important to incorporate recovery time into your sports training program to remain strong mentally and physically.Whether you are a casual weekend athlete or an intense...

Eat Local For Great Health While Supporting Neighborhood Farms

John L. Pantera Jun 5, 2013 Nutrition & Fitness

Ever wonder where your food comes from?  By law your local grocer has to disclose the origin of your fresh produce, although most people don't notice the tiny sticker on their apple that states that the fruit actually traveled across the country on a truck from Oregon.  Or worse yet, the lush green cucumber you diced up and put on your salad actually came all the way...

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