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Blog / Health

Can Massage Relieve Headaches?

John L. Pantera Oct 25, 2017 Health

It’s clear that, as a whole, we need SOMETHING to deal with our headaches, considering that an estimated 80-90% of the population will experience tension headaches, and 17% of us will experience migraines. In fact, as a nation, headaches are our most commonly talked-about ailment. Over the counter medications can help, but they have a batch of possible side effects of...

Are Mental Health Practices for You?

John L. Pantera Sep 20, 2017 Health

If you’re like most people, you can think of a several ways, at any given time, that you could improve yourself or your life.  Exercising more regularly, being a more attentive friend, increasing your vegetable intake, and watching less television might all be on your goal radar.  And, again if you’re like most people, your goals tend to be centered on the...

Don't Leave Your Health to Luck

John L. Pantera Mar 15, 2017 Health

With March being National Nutrition Month, we thought it fitting to talk about good nutrition.  Not just eating plenty of veggies (although that is a great idea), but developing and maintaining good “nutrition” for all aspects of your life.

How to Fight Against Inflammation

John L. Pantera Mar 8, 2017 Health

Body inflammation is getting a lot of press these days, with plenty of talk about anti-inflammatory diets and medications.  What is inflammation?  Doesn’t everyone’s body become inflamed at some point?  Should you be worried about it? To put it the most simply: inflammation is the response your body initiates when an infection or injury occurs in...

Can Massage Help With My Heart Health?

John L. Pantera Feb 15, 2017 Health

Come February every year, we’ve got HEARTS on our mind.  However, we’re not thinking about frilly, pink, chocolate, or paper ones.  Rather, we’re talking about the life-giving, tireless organ that beats about 100,000 times a day just for you, every day.  Your heart – the fist-sized pump in your chest that is responsible for sending blood...

The Importance of Self-Care

John L. Pantera Feb 8, 2017 Health

The stores are awash in seas of pinks and reds.  Commercials and ads are imploring you to think of ways that you can show your loved ones how you feel about them.  Should it be flowers?  Candy?  Heart-shaped pizza and doughnuts?  There is no shortage of “helpful” suggestions for how to commemorate Valentine’s Day.  Can we add...

Top 5 Ways to Care for Yourself in 2017

John L. Pantera Jan 4, 2017 Health

Lose 20 pounds.  Get more organized.  Spend less money.  Sound familiar?  If you find yourself with a head full of high ambitions this time of year, you’re not alone.  An estimated 40% or more of us make New Year’s resolutions, and they’re often centered on self-improvement.  Wanting to improve yourself is great, but we’d...

How to Beat the Winter Blues

John L. Pantera Dec 28, 2016 Health

True, the frosty landscape and holiday lights of the winter months are beautiful.  And true, winter snow does bring with it a chance to partake in a unique set of fun winter activities.  However, for many of us, these shortened days and sunshine-starved months tend to bring on a major case of the winter blues.  If severe enough, those blues can be diagnosed as...

Can Massage Help With Digestion?

John L. Pantera Oct 12, 2016 Health

Here is, we’re guessing, a pretty common list of reasons of why you might call up your massage therapist to make an appointment: sore muscles, tight joints, excessive stress, and if you just need a little pampering.  Those are all great reasons, of course, and massage handles each of those things pretty effectively.  However, what about those pesky digestion...

Neck and Back Pain from Sitting at a Desk All Day

John L. Pantera Jul 13, 2016 Health

Does your Monday through Friday world consist of a desk, a phone, a computer, and a well-used chair? When you get out of your office chair at the end of a long day, do you feel as sore and tired as if you’ve just played a few rounds of volleyball or moved furniture? It’s no secret that desk jobs can wreak havoc on your body.  With a whopping 80% of us who...

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