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Elements Massage 80 Center Square
East Longmeadow, MA   01028
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80 Center Square
East Longmeadow, MA 01028

Mon - Sun 9am - 9pm

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Words of Wellness / Health

words of wellness words over nature landscape

Nov 20, 2019 Health

From minor challenges to major crises, stress is a part of our lives. Sometimes, it can feel like you're under too much pressure from yourself, work, home or a combination of the three. It may not be easy to recognize the stress in your life and it's easy to brush things aside. Here are common indications you may be experiencing chronic stress. Inability to...

Devon Shaw Aug 4, 2019 Health

Countless Americans are over-worked and stressed-out, resulting in an increase in head tension According to the Migraine Research Foundation, over 39 million Americans experience migraine-like symptoms. That’s nearly 10 percent of the population. So, what’s causing this stress epidemic? One of the biggest culprits is the stress and strain of everyday...

John L. Pantera Jan 31, 2018 Health

There are two different kinds of people: those that love the winter and all it has to offer and those that are comfortable with hibernating until Spring arrives. Which one are you? If you love to get outside and embrace winter activities, then this is for you! As the fresh snow falls, we have so many winter activities and sports to choose from! Skiing, snowboarding, snow shoeing,...

John L. Pantera Nov 29, 2017 Health

They lurk on elevator buttons and door handles. They thrive on grocery cart handles and ATM buttons. And, most likely, they’re everywhere in your home. Germs from bacteria and viruses tend to run rampant in this time of year, and this might be making you a little worried. After all, it’s the holiday season; you’ve simply got no time to be sick! It so happens...

John L. Pantera Mar 8, 2017 Health

Body inflammation is getting a lot of press these days, with plenty of talk about anti-inflammatory diets and medications.  What is inflammation?  Doesn’t everyone’s body become inflamed at some point?  Should you be worried about it? To put it the most simply: inflammation is the response your body initiates when an infection or injury occurs in...

John L. Pantera Dec 28, 2016 Health

True, the frosty landscape and holiday lights of the winter months are beautiful.  And true, winter snow does bring with it a chance to partake in a unique set of fun winter activities.  However, for many of us, these shortened days and sunshine-starved months tend to bring on a major case of the winter blues.  If severe enough, those blues can be diagnosed as...

John L. Pantera Jul 13, 2016 Health

Does your Monday through Friday world consist of a desk, a phone, a computer, and a well-used chair? When you get out of your office chair at the end of a long day, do you feel as sore and tired as if you’ve just played a few rounds of volleyball or moved furniture? It’s no secret that desk jobs can wreak havoc on your body.  With a whopping 80% of us who...

John L. Pantera Jun 15, 2016 Health

You already make regular appointments with your massage therapist because you know that getting massages is great for nearly every part of you. You’ve been feeling better, getting sick less often, and are even sleeping a little better. However, savvy as you are, you might be neglecting to take care of your muscles before, after, and in between massages as well.  Stretching...

John L. Pantera Apr 6, 2016 Health

There’s a big important day coming up this week? No really, it’s true. We know that Easter has passed, Earth Day isn’t for a couple of weeks, and Mother’s Day is next month (yikes – noted!). Stumped? It so happens that this Thursday, April 7th, is World Health Day. Still stumped, and thinking about how you’ve somehow missed the greeting card...

John L. Pantera Mar 30, 2016 Health

Aaahhh, the golden years.  The idyllic-hazed lifestyle of cozy cardigans and slippers.  Quiet afternoons spent reading and napping are interrupted by only the occasional game of bridge or slow shuffle around the park.  Chamomile tea is sipped every afternoon before a 4:30pm dinner, and then it’s a rousing dose of Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune before heading...

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