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Maggie | RMP

Favorite Area Of Focus: Trigger point therapy, deep tissue and stretching
Joined Elements Team: November 2015
Favorite Quote: "It's not who we are underneath, but what we do that defines us."
Favorite Place Visited: Maggie loves to travel! She has visited or lived in Florida, Texas, Mississippi, New Orleans, St Louis, and Michigan.

Maggie claims that "massage found her".  Now, she can't imagine doing anything other than helping people live without pain.  

Maggie specializes in trigger point and deep tissue massage, and also enjoys employing stretching techniques to relieve pain and release tension.

A graduate of the Baltimore School of Massage, Maggie believes in massage as a much better way of relieving stress and pain than medications that just block or numb the pain. She says massage therapy may take a little longer, but that most people can realize complete relief with the proper body work.

Visiting family in Puerto Rico is important to Maggie.  Her family has homes there-one on the waterfront and another in the country near a waterfall.    Another interesting fact about Maggie is that she is a huge Batman fan!

Experience Maggie's therapeutic bodywork and feel like a new person!

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