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Five Must-Do Tips for a Successful Staycation

Divine Caroline By JennaB May 24, 2013

The following are my five must-do tips for a successful staycation:

1) Don’t read your email. 
Or use your Blackberry/iPhone/Treo for anything but making phone calls. At the very least, don’t read work-related email. If you were in a cabana in Bali, you wouldn’t. (And if you would, I can’t help you.)

2) When eating out, don’t go anywhere you’ve been before. 
Opt for a taco stand in a mini-mall in the suburbs before visiting your usual haunts. It might be the best taco you’ve ever dared to eat.

3) Do one cultural thing every visitor to your city has done. 
These are things that you keep putting off because you “live here and you’ll get around to it someday.” How often do New Yorkers see plays on Broadway? How many Angelenos go to LACMA? You get my point. 

4) Order wine at lunch. 
No one ever feels guilty about drinking a beachside Mai Tai in Hawaii or a chilled rosé Paris, do they? You’ll feel immensely civilized sipping a fine pinot gris with a warm breeze wafting by.

5) Don’t do errands. 
If you step one foot into a Target, Washington Mutual, or any dry cleaner, return to square one. Remember, nothing in your life will fall apart if it’s ignored for a single week (except maybe your spouse).

And that should do the trick. So, if you’re on a budget, forgot to make a plan, or both, a well-curated staycation can be a very good thing.

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