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The Elements Level System provides the perfect amount of pressure based on your needs. Our unique level system identifies the right pressure for you based on your needs.

Massage Therapists  |  Therapeutic is our middle name

All of our massage therapists at Elements Chandler West are trained in Swedish and are also highly trained in several different types of massage including Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Structural/Stretching, and Prenatal. We specialize in attending to your personal needs and to make sure those needs have been met before leaving our studio.  Our therapists attend regular in-house trainings aimed at keeping their skills current and to share new ideas with each other. This is what makes our staff the best massage therapists in Chandler.

Meet the Best Massage Therapists in Chandler:


About the therapist: Stephanie received her massage certification from Arizona School of Massage Therapy in Tempe. She previously worked at a Fortune 500 company, but wanted to make a change in her life so she could help heal others. Stephanie enjoys traveling and will one day visit Argentina!

Philosophy: "The gift of listening brings the gift of healing.  The human body is fascinating and as a therapist, I assist my clients’ bodies to heal themselves. The body will do what it needs. You just have to stop and listen.”

Pressure Level: 2+ Light to Medium

Specialties: Acupressure, Energy Healing & Cranial Sacral Therapy


About the therapist: Suzanne received her massage certification from Arizona School of Massage Therapy.  Inducing total relaxation is quite a change from Suzanne’s previous career as a customer service representative who spent most of her time working behind a desk for the past 22 years! When she got a chance to stretch her legs, Suzanne traveled all over, with her adventures reaching from New York to California.

Philosophy: "The best way to heal is to heal all - mind, body and soul.” 

Pressure Level: 2+ Light to Medium

Specialties: Swedish, Prenatal & Reflexology 


About the therapist: Romana received her massage education from the Arizona School of Massage Therapy. Her favorite massage types include Swedish with added trigger point. Romana has lived in the Czech Republic and Germany. Though she enjoyed her European Travels, she can't wait until her first Hawaiian vacation!

Philosophy: "To bring comfort to my clients through a caring touch.” 

Pressure Level: 2+ Light to Medium

Specialties: Swedish, Trigger Pointing & Prenatal


About the therapist: Andrea graduated from the Arizona School of Massage Therapy in Tempe. She is also a certified Yoga instructor who graduate from Spirit of Yoga-SWIHA. A born Midwesterner, Andrea enjoys living in Arizona as well as traveling. Some of her favorite places to visit are Paris, Barcelona and Athens. Andrea chose massage therapy because it is a career she’s truly passionate about and helps lead her into an overall healthier lifestyle. 

Philosophy: "Healing is something that has to start within, you must decide if you truly want to get to the root of the pain and work towards a goal or if a temporary fix is all you care for. As a healer I deeply enjoy inspiring people to start healing themselves through Mind; by giving the information and instructions that will benefit them. Body; by giving a therapeutic touch that aids in pain relief and relaxation. Soul; by being a positive influence on their individual journeys."

Pressure Level: 3 Medium to Medium-Firm

Specialties: Structural, Stretching & Cranial Sacral Therapy


About the therapist: Michelle graduated from Cortiva Institute in Massage Therapy . She is an Arizona native but has traveled coast to coast in the U.S. Dream vacation is to island hop along the Caribbean kayaking among the clear water. Before Michelle found massage therapy, she spent time as a legal secretary at a law office and a stay at home mom to her two wonderful children.

Philosophy: "No one should go through life in constant pain. If I can alleviate a person's pain I feel good knowing I made a difference.”

Pressure Level: 3/3+ Medium to Firm

Specialties: Shiatsu, Russian Sports Massage & Cranial Sacral Therapy


About the therapist: Haley received her massage certification from Scottsdale Cortiva Institute of Massage Therapy.  Before finding massage therapy she worked at the front desk of a spa and fell in love with all the ins and outs of the Spa and Wellness industry. She has traveled through every state in the United States and has enjoyed traveling through parts of Europe as well. Haley is passionate about providing a customized massage for every client to help them achieve optimal health!

Philosophy: "The better you treat yourself and your body the better you are going to feel and be happy!”

Pressure Level: 3+ Medium to Deep Tissue

Specialties: Deep Tissue, Stretching, Scalp & Face


About the therapist: Mary attended Arizona the Western College of Yuma- Massage Therapy Program. Mary was part of a choir for 10 years which allowed her the opportunity to travel to Germany, Austria, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands. She one day hopes to travel to Greece and New Zealand to experience the culture and history.

Philosophy: "A sound soul dwells within a sound mind and a sound body.”

Pressure Level: 3+/4 Medium-Firm to Deep Tissue

Specialties: Sports Massage, Stretching & Reflexology


About the therapist: Before graduating from the Cortiva Institute in Tempe for Massage Therapy, Kayla was a flight attendant for Skywest Airlines. She has lived in Chicago and LA but eventually found her way back to Phoenix with hopes of someday traveling to Italy. Kayla enjoys adapting to her clients’ specific needs as well as incorporating stretching into her deep tissue work when she can.

Philosophy: "Massage in itself is healing. Promoting healing in the body brings good health and a clear mind.”

Pressure Level: 3+/4 Medium-Firm to Deep Tissue

Specialties: Stretching, Trigger Pointing & Cranial Sacral Therapy


About the therapist: Sierra graduated from the Arizona School of Massage Therapy in Tempe. Before moving to Arizona with her family, she lived all over the United States including Utah, Idaho, and Ohio. She has traveled throughout the country with dreams of one day traveling all throughout Europe.

Philosophy: "With the proper fundamentals, the body can heal itself. However, massage therapy can facilitate healing in a pain and drug free way that ultimately offers optimal healing energy!”

Pressure Level: 4 Firm to Deep Tissue

Specialties: Deep Tissue, Rehabilitation Therapy & Cranial Sacral Therapy



About the therapist: Abel graduated from Arizona School of Massage Therapy in Tempe. He was born in Bakersfield, California and made his way out to Phoenix to explore his passion in the Health & Wellness Industry. Though Abel enjoys the heat here in Arizona, he can’t wait to go visit his family on the beaches of San Diego and enjoy a day at the theme parks!

Philosophy: "Our bodies communicate with us clearly and specifically, if we are willing to listen. So relax, rejuvenate, breathe, enjoy, nourish, renew.”

Pressure Level: 4 Medium to Deep Tissue

Specialties: Swedish, Deep Tissue & Cranial Sacral Therapy


About the therapist: Samantha received her massage certification of Arizona School of Massage Therapy. Before finding her true passion as a Massage Therapist, Samantha earned her Associates Degree in Criminal Justice while working as a manager at Staples. When she gets the chance, Samantha wants to escape from the Arizona heat and experience the cool breeze and lush green of Ireland and Poland for her next vacation. She is a versatile therapist who enjoy both structural work & the delicate touch of Cranial Sacral Therapy.

Philosophy: "I like to help people feel better by getting to the root of the problem, and allowing their body to heal from the inside out.”

Pressure Level: 4 Firm to Deep Tissue

Specialties: Swedish, Structural & Reflexology


About the therapist: After completing his massage education from the Arizona School of Massage Therapy in Tempe, Robert continued on to complete the Master Body Worker Program. After working in the past at positions he didn’t enjoy, Robert has found purpose and fulfillment as a massage therapist and baseball coach. He enjoys visiting new places while absorbing and appreciating different cultures.

Philosophy: "I aim to aid the body on keeping balance, using multiple modalities that suit each individual client.”

Pressure Level: 4+ Deep Tissue

Specialties: Structural, Myofacial Release & Cranial Sacral Therapy


About the therapist: Bryant received his massage education from Arizona School of Massage Therapy in Tempe.When Bryant isn’t returning muscles back to their functional state, he plans to take his dad deep sea fishing, his children to the Smithsonian Museum and his beautiful wife - well everywhere he goes. Because no matter where that is, it’s the company you take with you that matters most.

Philosophy: "When giving a massage I mentally map out a client’s muscles as my fingers touch them. When I feel a knot, it’s like tangled strings I need to gently brush straight or if a tissue has shortened, I need to “iron it out”.

Pressure Level: 4+ Deep Tissue

Specialties: Deep Tissue, Structural & Trigger Pointing


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