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Keri Joy | Licensed Massage Therapist (Level 1-3+)


Keri Joy is so VERY good at targeting the areas of the body that need focus. I always feel so totally refreshed! My body feels so much better because she knows just what to do to get the knots out! - Sheila K
Keri Joy is just the best. She is one of the best massage therapist I have ever had.
- Janice R


Arizona School of Massage Therapy

Places Lived:

Illinois and Michigan

Places Traveled:

California, Colorado, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, and Texas

My Dream Vacation:

Anywhere tropical!

Favorite Massage Modalities:

Deep Tissue, Russian Sports Massage, and Injury Massage

Philosophy on Healing:

Listen to your body, it can usually tell you what it needs.

In my other life (before I found massage therapy):



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