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What is an Active Lifestyle?

What is an Active Lifestyle?

Janet Schwab

What is an active lifestyle? An active lifestyle doesn’t necessarily mean being a competitive athlete or extreme sports enthusiast. An active lifestyle can mean coaching your child’s little league team, regular recreational gym use or playing softball with family on a Sunday afternoon.

Is your body in top physical condition and prepared to endure all of the strenuous activities summer has in store? To get yourself started without injury and prepare your body for peak performance, it is important to incorporate massage into your routine.

Top Ways Massage Can Benefit an Active Lifestyle:

  • Enhanced Physical Performance – In order to realize peak physical performance, it is important to keep the body’s engine in tip-top shape. Deep tissue massage techniques play an essential role in maintaining performance by increasing blood flow, reducing muscle tension, flushing out toxins, lengthening muscles, increasing range of motion, and decreasing muscle stiffness.
  • Reduced Recovery Time – Each year as you get older and try to maintain the same level of physical performance, recovery times seem to become longer. Studies have shown that massage after exercise was significantly lower when used within 48 hours post-exercise.
  • Increased Psychological Readiness – Whether it’s running a marathon, playing 18 holes of golf on the weekend, or taking the family on a trip, massage can help increase your focus toward accomplishing the endeavor at hand. Massage helps with mental preparedness by stimulating our natural endorphins and is a great mood enhancer.

Get out, get active and get a massage. The skilled therapists at Elements will evaluate your health history, and lifestyle to determine the best massage for enhancing your physical performance. Start preparing your body for optimal performance today!

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