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Walk Away Feeling Wonderful: Tips for Feeling Great after a Massage

Walk Away Feeling Wonderful: Tips for Feeling Great after a Massage

Elements Massage Central Scottsdale

Receiving a massage is an all-encompassing experience: it relaxes your mind, heals your body, and gives you a sense of peace and rejuvenation. It always feels great when you first get off the table, but it is more difficult to know how to keep feeling that great as you walk away from the studio and head back into the world. At Elements Massage in Scottsdale we suggest you try these five easy tips to get the most out of your massage experience long after the appointment is over:

  1. Take a few: Immediately after the session is over and your therapist has left the room, take a few minutes for yourself. Get up from the table slowly – there’s no need to immediately jump down and rush out the door. A few deep breathes while it your relaxation is at its peak is immensely enjoyable!
  2. Take the day: Make sure you are not rushing off to an appointment or another engagement. Give yourself a break for a few hours after your massage in order to get the most therapeutic benefit out of the session. Continue the relaxation by taking a nap or reading a book in a quiet place.
  3. Drink water: Keeping hydrated after a massage is important to flush out the toxins that were released from the tense muscles out of your system. Drinking water will help your muscles recover after being worked on during the session – try to stay away from caffeinated drinks like coffee and tea that will only do the opposite and make you less hydrated.
  4. Wallow in some water: Taking a warm Epsom salt bath immediately after a massage is an excellent way to keep your muscles relaxed even after the appointment. The Epsom salt will help enhance the release of stress and toxins, while the warm water will keep the muscles loose and relaxed.
  5. Refuel: Once your muscles have been relaxed and the toxins have been flushed out, it’s important to refuel and make sure your body gets the nutrients it needs. Eating something clean and healthy will make you feel refreshed and renewed! Fresh fruits and veggies, lean protein, and complex carbohydrates are the way to go after a massage!

These are some easy tips for making sure you feel better hours, even days, after your massage. The effects of your session should not go away the minute you step away from the table, and these helpful tidbits will help make sure you get the most out of all your sessions!

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