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The Person Behind the Disease: How Massage Therapy Helps Those with Illnesses

The Person Behind the Disease: How Massage Therapy Helps Those with Illnesses

Elements Massage Scottsdale Shea

Things are changing across the US and massage therapy is gaining recognition as a beneficial component of patient care. Many hospitals and treatment centers are beginning to realize that the mind/body connection plays an imperative role in the general health and bodily response of patients. The importance of paying attention to the person behind the disease is growing as more alternative treatments and complementary medicine routines are explored.

Recent studies suggest positive impacts of massage therapy for cancer patients and other serious illnesses. While not meant to be a treatment on its own, massage can contribute to the relief of many symptoms and side effects of disease. By kneading, rubbing, and manipulating the skin and muscles, massage promotes health and encourages feelings of relaxation and well-being. It is also known to reduce anxiety, ease pain, help control nausea, improve sleep, and ease fatigue.

By incorporating massage into treatment plans, therapists are helping to heal patients, staff, and entire medical systems by reminding people, through touch, of the compassion, inner spark, and connection within us all that promotes healing.

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