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The Main Movements of Massage

The Main Movements of Massage

Elements Massage Central Scottsdale

Massage is a fantastic relaxing and rejuvenating experience. When you step into our Elements Massage Central Scottsdale studio doors, you carry built up emotional and physical stress, but after a therapeutic session with one of our talented massage therapists, you leave feeling calmer, more centered, and refreshed.

This transformation is due to the unique power of touch harnessed through the delivery of pressure and movement associated with massage. As a way to bring about a revitalizing experience that offers benefits to both your mind and body, here’s a bit more detail about the main movements of many massage modalities:

Pressure Points
This pressure applied to deep-seated areas of tension is a more static and consistent pressure. Oftentimes specific points are accessed by digging a thumb or ring finger deep into the muscle. When this movement is performed, communication is key to ensure that the application is comfortable and within tolerable pain levels. If a static hold is too much, oftentimes a massage therapist will use small circular motions.


Effleurage is a category of movement that employs long, stroking motions using flat palms and thumbs, that follows the directions of muscle fibers. This movement is similar to smoothing out a wrinkled sheet and can induce a deep sense of relaxation.


This movement is the one most associated with massage. Kneading, like the working of dough, is the stretching and loosening of muscles and tissue by manipulating the skin, lifting, and rolling. Employed alongside rhythmic movements, this movement is the best way to address general tension and help bring about the refreshing experience of massage.

Tapping or Cupping

Both these small movements, tapping and cupping, are used to bring awareness and restore energy to the body. Involving small, quick movements and the slight squeezing and releasing of muscles, it is a great tool to shake out nervous energy.

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