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The Gift of Reinvigoration

The Gift of Reinvigoration

Elements Massage Central Scottsdale

When your energy is low, it can be hard to focus, to feel creative, or to get excited about taking on new challenges and tasks. That feeling of dragging along the bottom can deplete the joy out of your life and send you spiraling. As a way to restore your body’s energy levels, massage is a key component in giving you back the gift of reinvigoration.

To get track to health and wellness and to feel the most like your best self, massage can help give you a boost by increasing and optimizing how your lymph and circulatory systems function. Responsible for moving blood and lymph through out your body, a sluggish lymph or circulatory system can result in lower immune system function, higher stress and anxiety, and general discomfort and fatigue.

With massage, the application of pressure and movement to your body’s tissues can help stimulate circulation which in turn increases the amount of oxygen rich blood that reaches important parts of your body. Another benefit is that toxins are processed and removed from your muscles quicker enabling you to feel better and less sore.

Other benefits of this efficient and effective method of naturally boosting your energy supplies are:

-Increased production of serotonin and endorphins

-Soothing of your central nervous system for the ability to relax

-Better quality sleep

-Reduced muscle tension and knots from stress

-Ability to focus and feel good

Regular massage sessions can help you mentally prepare yourself to take on life’s obstacles without depleting your body’s natural source of energy. Massage can also enhance your mind and body connection to keep you on the path of health and wellness. Talk to your massage therapist if you’ve noticed that your energy levels are lethargic and find out how they can help address your specific needs.

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