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The Essential Ingredient: Sleep

The Essential Ingredient: Sleep

Elements Massage Scottsdale Shea

Here’s a list of tips that can help you get better shuteye tonight.

  • Sleep in a dark room.
    This means total darkness. Turn around the alarm clock and draw the blinds. Make sure electronics housed in your bedroom don’t emit any flashing lights too. If this is isn’t possible to control the light filtration, an eyemask or putting a dark cloth over your face is recommended.
  • Read before bed.
    Instead of watching TV or doing computer work in bed, reach for a book instead. Reading is a relaxing activity that requires the active engagement of your brain, which aids in making you tired instead of passively entertained by a screen.
  • Embrace candles.
    Candles aren’t just romantic! They actually produce soft and soothing light that can help counteract all of the blue light you are exposed to throughout the day.
  • Have a sleep routine.
    We are creatures of habit. Oftentimes, one of the best ways to get better sleep is to establish a routine that provides environmental cues to set our body’s rhythms Once accustomed to the routine, our bodies can fall asleep quicker and enjoy better sleep. Try to establish at least one pre-sleep ritual that you can stick to everyday like a cup of tea, or lights out at 9pm.

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