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Stress Relief

Stress Relief

Elements Massage Central Scottsdale

Stress happens. In fact, it’s a part of life. Stress gets a bad rap these days but that’s because chronic levels of high stress can take a toll on your body. There are several good forms of stress, like getting that extra surge in energy before delivering a big presentation at work, or a rush of adrenaline to boost your heart rate right before you start a race. In these instances, stress works for you. The danger zone is when stress works against you.

Constant elevated levels of stress can induce a negative stress reaction. Symptoms of this state of being include frequent headaches, digestive issues, high blood pressure, insomnia, and a compromised immune system. Oftentimes prolonged exposure to high-stress levels can exacerbate behaviors, moods, and body changes. Here are a few examples:

  • Behavior
    -Increase irritability
    -Resort to drug or alcohol use to cope
    -Social isolation
    -Loss of increase in appetite
  • Mood
    -Increase anxiety
    -Inability to focus
    -Lack of motivation
    -No creative energy
    -Sadness or depression
  • Body
    -Muscle tension
    -General fatigue
    -Chest pains
    -Headaches or migraines

If any of the symptoms on the list sound familiar, book your next appointment with our team. Massage can be a powerful ally when combating the daily stressors of modern life!

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