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Sports Massage for Active People

Sports Massage for Active People

Elements Massage Central Scottsdale

While the heat may make you feel sluggish, Arizona boasts so much beauty that it’s hard to stay indoors too long. With a bevy of activities to try out (hiking, rowing, swimming, the list just goes on…), it’s no wonder that sports massage is one of our most popular modalities.

At Elements Massage Central Scottsdale, our goal is to deliver a therapeutic experience to every client that steps foot in our studio doors. As a nonpharmacological and noninvasive approach to health and wellness, massage lends a way to improve athletic performance, promote speedy recovery times, and encourages the body to rest after any type of activity.

For those that lead active lifestyles, massage is an absolute must to address the aches and pains that stem from vigorous activity. For example:

  • Cross Fiber Friction
    In a sports massage, pressure is applied across the natural grain of muscles to help work out areas of tension in tendons and ligaments. This approach can be somewhat uncomfortable as the manipulation of tissue works across the natural muscle fiber direction. However, it can restore alignment and work to resolve areas of buildup of either tension or scar tissue after injury or something more serious like surgery.
  • Stretching
    A critical component for massage, stretching can address muscle stiffness and lack of flexibility. During a session, your massage therapist will ask you about your regular physical activity and assist you in loosening up.
  • Deep Tissue
    Last but not least, a good sports massage will give much-needed attention to the soft structures of the body. By utilizing the thumbs and forefingers, your massage therapist will dig deeply into areas where tension is being held to encourage your muscles to release.

Whatever activity you are into, this form of massage can be tailored to address your needs.

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