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Reset Your Creative Energies

Reset Your Creative Energies

Elements Massage

Reset Your Creative Energies

The daily grind can be an absolute beast. From work stressors to family pressures, finding time to tackle creative tasks often feels evasive. Instead of just relinquishing your time watching TV in the evenings to recover from the day, we’ve got a surefire way to restore your creative energies to up your ability to take on your to-do list head on.

Here’s our top recommendations:

  • Go Outside
    Desk jobs are the anchor of modern society and being stuck in a seated position staring at a screen all day is enough to zap anyone’s soul. Sedentary nature begets a sedentary nature. To break the cycle, get up and get outside. Even a short fifteen minute walk at a brisk pace can encourage your body to produce more feel-good hormones leaving you more energized and positive.
  • Get a Massage
    Take a break and nurture your mind and body connection with the power of massage. Swedish massage is an excellent tool to destress, leaving you refreshed and rejuvenated.
  • Good Hydration
    You’d be surprised at how a little bit more water intake can keep you going. It’s easy to get stuck on a coffee kick but in actuality, that extra cup of jo can deplete your energy, contribute to unstable moods, and make you hungry. Instead of going for a second, third, or fourth cup of coffee, opt for some regular water. You can even put a lemon in it to make it special!
  • Sleep Better
    Making sleep a priority requires you to adjust your mindset around work and life. It’s silly that we set a timer to wake up in the morning but bedtime is willy nilly. To get better sleep, create an evening ritual that encourages you brain and body to wind down.
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