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Reduce Anxiety with Therapeutic Massage

Reduce Anxiety with Therapeutic Massage

Elements Massage Scottsdale on Shea


Massage therapy has been shown to have numerous benefits. It can reduce chronic pain, muscle stiffness, and even improve productivity and alertness. It has also been shown to reduce stress and anxiety. Less pain, more flexibility, and relaxation do wonders for day-to-day anxiety in individuals who receive massage therapy. However, therapeutic massage has positive outcomes for people who are trying to manage more than just everyday anxiety. There is evidence that says massage can help reduce anxiety in cancer patients and military veterans.

Chemotherapy is a painful and incredibly stressful treatment process. A study recently published in the Applied Nursing Research journal found that back massages have positive patient outcomes. People undergoing cancer treatment who also received a massage during chemotherapy experienced significant decreases in anxiety and fatigue levels immediately after the treatment. A study published last year in Military Medicine found that veterans who received massage therapy as part of an integrative therapy package saw very positive benefits. According to the article’s abstract, “Veterans reported significant reductions in ratings of physical pain, physical tension, irritability, anxiety/worry, and depression after massage.”

Therapeutic massage has measurable, significant benefits for individuals dealing with a wide array of anxiety. Whether the hectic schedule of daily life or serious medical interventions are the causes of the anxiety, therapeutic massage at Elements Scottsdale on Shea will help manage the levels experienced.

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