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New Year and New You

New Year and New You

Elements Massage Scottsdale on Shea


It’s January, which means new beginnings and new resolutions for the start of 2014. In a survey of the top ten New Year’s resolutions, losing weight came in at number one, exercise at three, eating healthier at five, better stress management six, and setting aside time for yourself at ten. Oddly enough, half of the most common resolutions can all be helped and supported by regular therapeutic massage.

Therapeutic massage has been shown to benefit health in a wide variety of ways. It can aid in weight loss by improving circulation and immune systems, which keeps your body functioning efficiently and smoothly, so nutrients are digested and toxins are kept out of your system. Exercise is easier and more productive when muscles are relaxed and joints are more flexible after massage therapy – not only do work outs prove more effective, but it also reduces the risk of injury. Eating healthier is also more beneficial when toxins are released from the body and circulation is improved, which are all benefits of massage therapy. Also, massage improves mood, which can make choosing healthier foods easier. Massage therapy is directly related to stress reduction, and when you’re less stressed it’s easier to be productive and focused! And finally, what better way to set time aside for yourself than to schedule a regular therapeutic massage. One hour of massage has benefits that last far beyond the session, and the benefits can bolster multiple areas of your life.

This New Years, stick to your resolutions and make your life healthier by getting regular therapeutic massages at Elements Massage Scottsdale on Shea. The licensed massage therapists are here to create an individualized, goal-oriented therapy that treats your specific needs and problems. Be healthier physically and mentally in 2014!

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