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How Your Body Holds Tension

How Your Body Holds Tension

Elements Massage Central Scottsdale

Pain and tension in your body are usually signs that something isn’t quite right. Often attributed to new movements from an unfamiliar activity, a contorted sleep position, or bad posture, tension can also result from high emotional stress levels. For a better understanding of how to go about releasing tension and alleviating pain, here are a few different items on how tension can be connected to your emotional health but housed in specific physical areas:

Along with the shoulder area, your neck is a pivotal point for you to nurture the rest of your body. If suffering from stiffness in this area, it can cause a host of issues with everything below it. Tension in the neck area indicates resistance to current actions and a reluctance to do something. Emotional stress can translate into a lack of physical mobility in the neck area.

Lower Back
Lower back tension results from your body supporting your upper weight. Related to security, strength, and self-support, tension in this area can interfere with your ability to complete tasks and can happen from lack of movement or after physical strain.

Upper Back
As part of your core, this area is responsible for enabling you to move. Your ability to be physically and emotionally flexible is housed in the upper back and stiffness in this region can indicate an inability to go with the flow.

Shoulder Area
This is the most common area to carry tension and stress. Working too many hours at a computer or desk job stuck in an immobile position can cause tension in the shoulder region. The hunch that happens when you hold your shoulders slightly up while moving your arms and hands balls the muscles in your shoulders and can cause both stiffness and lack of mobility.

As a non-invasive and gentle approach to treating tension, massage therapy is an excellent way to give your body attention, alleviate stress, and calm your central nervous system to ensure you release tension and function best in order to achieve a better emotional and physical state.

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