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Hitting the Pavement: How Massage Can Help Runners Heal

Hitting the Pavement: How Massage Can Help Runners Heal

Elements Massage Central Scottsdale

Running can be extremely taxing on your body due to the repetition of impact experienced each and every stride. Whether for fun or competition, running holds attraction as a great form of exercise but also as an excellent way to clear your head of stress. To improve your overall potential, it’s important to take proper care of yourself. Here’s a few ways that massage can contribute to a balanced routine to ensure the least amount of interference from injury or overuse.

-Limiting Muscle Pain, Exhaustion, and Fatigue
The increased workload of any type of training program, but especially running, can leave you feeling tired or sore. Massage is an excellent way to address muscle fatigue by targeting specific sore spots and working out any knots or other build-ups. This can keep you feeling your best so you can run or train harder!

-Increasing Blood and Lymph Circulation
The kneading movements and applications of pressure associated with massage therapy stimulate your circulatory system to boost blood flow. This increase helps bring more oxygen to your muscles and also lends a hand in how well your immune system functions. The lymph and blood coursing through-out your body bring vital nutrients and remove excess toxins that your body releases. Massage can direct you to the quickest path of recovery by flushing out these toxins so your legs feel fresh and ready to go.

-Range of Motion and Flexibility
Range of motion and flexibility are two components critical to any major athlete’s performance. Not only do both of these categories enable you to perform more efficiently, massage is a great way to help rebalance your musculoskeletal system after a run to ensure both your range of motion and flexibility help keep your body in tip top shape without looking to surrounding muscles to overcompensate.

The mental rest and physical relaxation achieved through a great massage can enable your mind and body to re-energize after a big run or bad day. Oftentimes the demands of exercising can leave you feeling like you’ve got nothing left but a massage is a way to hit the reset button!

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