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Habits for Healthy Living

Habits for Healthy Living

Elements Massage Scottsdale Shea

There is plenty of information and advice on habits best followed to live a healthy lifestyle. Eating nutritional food and getting regular exercise are consistently two of the most important habits on any list to aid and help you both feel good and stay healthy. Here are a few tips for how to live a health-conscious lifestyle.

Nutrition Basics

Eat a balanced diet that emphasizes vegetables, fruits, and nuts. Supplement this with protein and whole grains while limiting foods loaded with sugar, salt, and unhealthy fats. It is also incredibly important to drink water. On average, you should try to drink at least half of your body weight in ounces daily!

Lifestyle, Not Diet

It’s important to consider amendments to your life as a lifestyle not a diet. By labeling things as diet, we are concentrating on the restriction, what we can’t have instead of focusing on the good things you are doing for yourself. Plus for longevities sake, it’s much easier to adapt and adhere to lifestyle choices as opposed to following a limited regimen that focuses on “things you can’t have.”

Physical Activity

Exercise is incredible important in keeping and maintaining a happy and functioning body. By including activities such as running, swimming, or cycling, with a routine that includes weight-lifting and other body weight exercises, it’s easier to avoid boredom and your mind and body have time to rest and recover due to the variety of activities you are performing. Be sure to avoid a daily grind, where you do the same things over and over again, and go for diverse activities to keep you moving.


Sleep plays a critical role in any healthy lifestyle. Try to set a routine to establish healthy sleeping practices that enable you to get both quantity and quality sleep. Reading in bed with a cup of tea is an excellent way to set your circadian rhythm to prepare for sleep mode, especially if you do it every day!

Stress Relief

Another item that factors in to your ability to sleep can be stress. There can be a lot of pressure in life from many different directions. Seek out something that helps you deal with the stressors of everyday life: long walks, meditation, yoga, cooking... The list is endless but the important agenda item is to find relief, something that allows you to let go.

The No Category

Drugs, alcohol, and smoking are severe detriments to a healthy lifestyle. Nonetheless, if you must partake, the best way is to do so is in moderation.

Keeping Up

Developing good habits can go a long way in making you feel better, both on the inside and out. Mastering nutrition basics and incorporating a frequent and regular exercise routine into your practice are two basics of a healthy lifestyle.

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