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Fostering Creative Energy

Fostering Creative Energy

Elements Massage Central Scottsdale

When you feel that you are running on low energy, it can affect how you perform your daily tasks. At work, you may feel depleted with little to contribute, or overwhelmed at home trying to balance the ebb and flow of chores and commitments, the good news is that there are many different things you can do to give your mood a boost and refresh your creative energy so you head out into the world and get things done with confidence and excitement.

To help facilitate a creative spirit, here are several excellent ways to ensure positive, flowing energy:

  • Positive Self Talk
    First, you need to re-center yourself on the idea that you are creative and you have energy to give. Take a moment to believe in yourself, pause, and reflect on that and then give yourself permission to apply these aspects to the tasks around you. Promoting this self-dialogue can help unhinge that critic that can drag you down and make you feel worn out.
  • Walk
    In recent years there’s been an abundance of research that cites walking as being one of the best tasks to harness creative energy. The redundancy of cadence to your gate enables your subconscious mind to wander and can spark new waves of creative juju.
  • Write It Out
    Another practice that can cultivate a creative mind is to write things out. Keeping a journal is a good way to get in touch with your introspective self. Plus, that action of putting pen to paper is satisfying in our technology-reliant society. Don’t worry about what you are writing and just start of with stream-of-consciousness!
  • Nurture
    Focusing on things that you feel nurture yourself is a way to be kind and show appreciation for all of your efforts. Regular massage therapy is a method of nourishment that can help revitalize your mind and body. Another way to nurture yourself is through meditation. Whatever you choose, find something that makes you feel good and helps to rejuvenate your energies.

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