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Elements Massage Scottsdale on Shea - Weekends are too Short for Instant Gratification

Elements Massage Scottsdale on Shea Sep 24, 2013

Elements Massage Scottsdale on SheaThis is the perfect time for taking on slightly more than you can handle.  With great weather and family members having more free time, it’s tempting to overbook those two days with things like day trips, pick-up soccer matches, and any other kind of physical activity.  It’s all too easy to over schedule to the point where it’s impossible to focus on only one or two activities.   It’s not your fault – it’s a symptom of our times.  We want to cram as many things as possible into every moment of every day – it’s why we measure productivity in seconds and minutes at work and school.  And it’s also why we see a successful weekend as one where we go to as many places as possible and participate in as many events as time will allow.


However, this cannot only be physically exhausting and emotionally draining, rushing from one place to the next, but it can also be incredibly unfulfilling.  Instead of taking the time to enjoy one or two activities to their fullest potential, we overextend and end up not enjoying any of them.  Weekends aren’t meant for instant gratification in everything.  Take things slowly; reduce the chances of injury; and enjoy the time with your family and friends away from work and school in a meaningful way.


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