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Elements Massage on Shea - Why Drinking Water is so Important

Elements Massage on Shea - Why Drinking Water is so Important

Elements Massage Scottsdale on Shea


It’s a fun fact that most second graders will learn: somewhere between 60 – 70% of the human body is comprised of water. This should make it fairly intuitive that water is extremely important for our body’s health. There are a number of different reasons why water is probably the most important drink for you to have on a regular basis, but a few stand out among the rest when it comes to muscles and fitness.

First, blood, muscles, and other tissues are made up of a good deal of water, so drinking water keeps these important parts of your physiology functioning correctly. Without water, you become dehydrated, and dehydration leads to muscle cramps, fatigue, and poor circulation. All of these can lead to an unhealthy lifestyle, which will negatively affect your overall health. Water is also incredibly important for flushing toxins from your system. Your kidneys act like the body’s filter – removing harmful toxins from your blood stream that accumulate during workouts or in the digestive system. Water is important to keep them working properly and keeping you healthy.

Drinking at least eight cups of water every day is the foundation for a healthier life style. It keeps your body functioning like it should, which makes working out and staying in shape much easier in turn.

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