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Cycling and Massage

Cycling and Massage

Elements Massage Central Scottsdale

Arizona has great trails. Whether you prefer to take a weekend bicycle ride, or are a true cycling warrior that gets out before the sun comes up everyday, the desert is home to beautiful wildlife and it is a privilege to get out and explore it on a set of leg-powered wheels.

Speaking of leg-powered, cycling can take a toll on your body. And while it is an excellent form of exercise, it never hurts to step up your post-trail recovery to mitigate the wear and tear of cycling. Here are the massage modalities best suited to taking care of a cyclist’s needs:

  1. Sports
    An excellent form of massage for those into strenuous activity, Sports Massage concentrates on a specific area of the body. Through the application of deep pressure and movements designed to address muscles that are used in repeat motions, this form of massage is perfect to remove the lactic acid buildup after a great trail or road ride.
  2. Deep Tissue
    Another great type of massage for busy bodies! Deep Tissue Massage uses heavy pressure across the natural muscle grain to release muscle knots or areas of tension. For cyclists, this tends to be hamstrings, quads or tight hip flexors.
  3. Swedish
    This form of massage is a stellar all-purpose massage. It’s gentle approach suits a wide variety of aches and pains. Most well-known for long muscle strokes and light kneading work, Swedish Massage helps to encourage relaxation through stimulating circulation. It can also jumpstart the recovery process so you are primed and ready to get back on your bike.

When cycling takes it out of you, allow massage to restore your mind and body. Whether you book a pre-ride session or a post-ride recovery massage, our talented team is here to address your needs.

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