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Communicating with Your Massage Therapist

Communicating with Your Massage Therapist

Elements Massage Central Scottsdale

At Elements Massage Central Scottsdale, we strive to deliver a truly therapeutic experience to each client, every time. For this reason, we pair clients with massage therapists who can best meet their needs. It’s not a perfect science, however, and that’s why communication with your massage therapist about your individual needs is essential to your satisfaction. Here are some pointers on communicating with your massage therapist before, during, and after your session:

Pressure and Movement
Massage consists of strategic applications of pressure and movement. Each individual’s body will respond differently to a massage therapist’s touch. Discuss your preferences on pressure and movement with your massage therapist before your session begins!


It is normal for you to experience slight discomfort during a massage. Sometimes, areas of the body that are tight or sore from muscular knots, kinks, or balls require a firmer touch for alleviation. However, this momentary pressure should not be sustained for your entire session, and at no time should you be in significant pain. In either of these cases, notify your massage therapist about your discomfort.

Therapeutic Pain
Sometimes, massage draws a fine line between pain and pleasure. During your session, you may find that a technique that your massage therapist uses hurts and feels good at the same time. This is also normal, but nevertheless worth telling your massage therapist about.

During a massage, you should always be able to verbally communicate with your massage therapist. Speak up! Only you know what it feels like inside your body. Our therapists bring a wide range of knowledge on anatomy and the many modalities of massage to the (massage) table, and will be happy to accommodate your needs.

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