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Blog / Health

Make the Most of the Journey

Elements Massage Central Scottsdale Aug 14, 2019 Health

Day in and day out can be a grind. And if you don’t stop to pay attention, life will just happen to you. Here are a few of our favorite methods to make the most out of the journey:

The Benefits of Cupping Therapy

Elements Massage Central Scottsdale Jul 30, 2019 Health

You may have heard of cupping but have no idea what it is. Read on to the benefits of cupping therapy.

Treating Anxiety Through Massage

Elements Massage Central Scottsdale Jun 13, 2019 Health

While often thought of as the ultimate experience in relaxation, massage is so much more than that. As a stress reliever, it also has numerous positive health impacts on things like sciatica pain, heart disease, sleep issues, and anxiety.

How Massage Helps Combat Allergies

Elements Massage Central Scottsdale Mar 28, 2019 Health

As a multifaceted tool to complement any wellness routine, regular massage therapy sessions can provide much-needed relief for a wide variety of allergies and conditions.

You Need a Management Strategy for Coping with Chronic Pain

Elements Massage Central Scottsdale Mar 5, 2019 Health

As an effective method of pain relief, here are a few of the many reasons why chronic pain sufferers turn to massage:

Improving Hamstring Flexibility

Elements Massage Central Scottsdale Feb 4, 2019 Health

Tight hamstrings include limited range of motion, back pain, and increased risk for injury. Here’s what you can do to help with improving hamstring flexibility:

Massage for Better Health

Elements Massage Central Scottsdale Jan 7, 2019 Health

For 2019, we want to work on cultivating health and wellness. How do we plan on accomplishing that? With massage, of course! Massage for better health in 2019.

Better Health Now

Elements Massage Central Scottsdale Dec 18, 2018 Health

Instead of waiting for the new year for resolutions, why not seize today and do things that can improve your health now?

Nurturing the Mind and Body

Elements Massage Central Scottsdale Dec 7, 2018 Health

We are all about nurturing the mind and the body. Here's how:

Recovering From an Injury Quicker

Elements Massage Central Scottsdale Nov 26, 2018 Health

Recovering from any injury can be difficult. Read on to why massage is excellent for speeding up the healing process.

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