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Better Your Circulation Now

Better Your Circulation Now

Elements Massage Central Scottsdale

Massage boasts numerous benefits for the mind and body. There’s one benefit that stands out and that’s a boost in functionality for your circulatory system. This system is responsible for moving your blood and lymph, that milky white substance that removes waste, from your body.

Through the stimulation of pressure, muscle manipulation and movement, the physiological impacts of better blood flow can contribute to overall health and wellness. Several proof points for massage and increasing your blood flow include:

  • Increased oxygenation of your blood
  • Less muscle soreness or stiffness post activity
  • Better elasticity in connective tissues
  • Improved range of motion
  • Higher functioning metabolic processes including secretions and excretions
  • A calmer central nervous system
  • Cleaner and well lubricated skin
  • Stimulated nerve endings

How It Works

To better your body’s circulation, massage works by aiding in the byproduct processing of lactic and carbonic acids that result from exercise. With attention to muscles, connective tissues, and joint areas, the movements and strokes involved in massage can aid the body in repairing soft tissue problems while releasing stubborn knots or areas of stress and tension.

Rooted in an ancient practice of healing, massage can also promote an ability to focus, harness creative energies and enable you to feel grounded and present in your body.

Come visit our studio to discuss your needs with one of our professional massage therapists. We can tailor any session for your needs!

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