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Aromatherapy Works

Aromatherapy Works

Elements Massage Central Scottsdale

Smell is an incredibly powerful sense. It can alert us to danger and can instantly bring back powerful and wonderful memories from times long past. This is why it is also an excellent sense to take advantage of when seeking methods to bring relaxation to your daily routine.

Aromatherapy, or the use of plant-derived essential oils to create a range of olfactory responses, has been practiced for ages and it is just as relevant and just as effective today as it has ever been. In its approach, aromatherapy uses essential oils infused in things like lotions, oils, or steam to send the relaxing qualities of the diffused plants into the human body.


Inhalation of diffused plants and bark through aromatherapy is a very fast and direct method for taking advantage of substances’ relaxing qualities. When inhaled, nerve endings in the nose and the throat are triggered that send messages directly to the brain to do things like, feel relaxed, feel energized, feel sleepy, or clear the mind. This direct interaction with the central nervous system can be very powerful.


Topical application of aromatic plants and barks through lotion is another way to get the relaxing and healing power of those substances into the human body. Lotions can then be used in massage as well as in regular application throughout the day. Choose an herb infused lotion that you like and rub it on your temples a few times a day. Not only will it likely moisturize your skin, but the aromatic power of the plant will quickly find its way into your breaths and bring you additional and sustained rest and relaxation.

There are so many plants, herbs, and bark infused oils in any number of applications available in most health food stores these days. Be adventurous when trying out aromatherapy and just like most things, use what you like!!

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