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Alleviate Back Pain with Massage

Alleviate Back Pain with Massage

Elements Massage Central Scottsdale

Back pain has a way of infiltrating your daily tasks and interfering with how you go about your life. By limiting your range of motion, restricting your usual activities, and distracting you from enjoying the matters at hand, acute or chronic back pain can really bring you down. However, a massage may be able to help you find much needed relief and create a long term coping strategy for dealing with the physical aches and pains, and mental toll any recurring pain can cause.

As a non-pharmacological approach to treating your pain, there are many different massage modalities that can target your specific issues. Several of the most common back problems we see at Elements Massage Central Scottsdale include:

Muscle Strains
Usually in the upper or lower region of the back, muscle strains can be caused by poor alignment of the spine, lifting heavy objects incorrectly, overuse or injury, and trauma like an accident. When your body experiences a muscle strain, the muscles around your back flair up and overcompensate for the disruption causing mild to severe discomfort. Massage can help address the tension and knots by stimulating blood flow and oxygen to the region to provide release and facilitate a quicker recovery.

This condition is oftentimes accompanied by stiffness, pain, and body fatigue. As a way to distribute the sensitive aches, massage can help bring about relaxation and rejuvenation for those that suffer from this disease. As always, be sure to talk to your doctor first for permission to receive massage treatments!

Spinal Osteoarthritis
The cause of painful bone on bone rubbing, spinal osteoarthritis occurs when the cartilage in your spinal column breaks down and the muscles around it become inflamed. To treat this type of back pain, massage is a tool to help reduce stress and ease muscle tension while also encouraging circulation to provide relief.

If you are currently suffering from back pain mentioned above or a different issue, please book an appointment today so we can help you find a strategy for enjoying life!

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