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10 Benefits of Sports Massage

10 Benefits of Sports Massage

Elements Massage Central Scottsdale

Sports massage offers a growing list of benefits to overall health and wellness. At Elements Massage Scottsdale Central, we do everything we can to deliver you with the best our industry has to offer. If you are active and live an on-the-go and involved lifestyle, sports massage can help prepare you for the next big event (not to mention, it’s a great tool to facilitate a quicker recovery). So whether before, during, or after training or an event, sports massage is designed to enhance your athletic performance.

The top ten most commonly cited benefits of sports massage include:

  1. Maintains muscles and tissue in best state of nutrition through healthy circulation of both blood and lymph.
  2. Promotes overall muscle balance, improves tone, flexibility and relaxation
  3. Encourages quicker recovery and reduces chronic injuries
  4. Reduces muscle aches and pains
  5. Benefits many of the body’s systems (nervous, muscular, skeletal…)
  6. Reduces adhesions and formation of scar tissue after injury
  7. Promotes relaxation
  8. Reduces cramping and muscle spasm
  9. Boosts circulation
  10. Increases body awareness

Another interesting fact is that people who regularly receive sports massages are more likely to have lower cortisol levels in their system. Cortisol is the stress hormone that can inhibit the body’s ability to ward of sickness, or deal with stress and anxiety.

Regardless if you are an athlete or an avid activity person, sports massage can speed healing and help promote relaxation.

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