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Maid-of-Honor Survival Guide!

Maid-of-Honor Survival Guide!

But, what about the bride’s right-hand gal?

If you have been asked to wear the maid-of-honor corsage in a friend or relative’s wedding party this summer, be prepared for some blood, sweat and tears – and we’re not talking about from the bride. We’re talking about from you!

Survive being a maid of honor this summer by adding these six tips into your wedding preparation kit.

Survival Tip No. 1: Let Time Stand Still

Survival Tip No. 2: Be the Referee of the Party

Survival Tip No. 3: Sprinkle in Some Fun

Survival Tip No. 4: Calm the Nerves for a Great Wedding Day Speech

Survival Tip No. 5: Save Some Cash for the Money Dance

Survival Tip No. 6: Expect the Unexpected

For the complete survival tips, read more at:

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