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Massage for the horseperson

Massage for the horseperson

Elements recently welcomed Joanne L. Belasco, Esq. to our staff. No, she's not practicing law here. She will greet you as you enter our studio for your massage appointment. Joanne left the practice of law in Boston years ago to pursue work in the nonprofit field. Her passion is horses, and she understands how therapeutic a good massage can be.

"I had my first massage because of a riding accident almost 10 years ago. I landed on the hard Texas ground in summer and after several days, I had such serious lower back pain, I could barely walk. One of my nonprofit's board members is a massage therapist, so I went to her for help. I was shocked to learn that it was not my back that needed work, but my gluteal muscles instead. Her healing touch worked wonders, and my lower back stopped hurting. She also found a vertebra that was out of place from the fall and encouraged me to see a chiropractor, who fixed that. I don't know what I would have done without that massage!"

Therapeutic massage can help riders after an injury. It can also help riders keep limber and in better shape for riding. Joanne explains, "Horses are very subtle creatures. If we ride them in positions that aren't correctly aligned, they feel it, and it influences them. A therapeutic massage can really help find and heal those places that are influencing our position on horseback, many times without us even knowing it."

Help yourself and your horse by coming in today to Elements of Boulder and getting a massage. From now through the end of April, everyone enjoys the membership price.

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