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October is Massage Therapy Awareness MONTH!

October is Massage Therapy Awareness MONTH!

Geri P.

For each of the past 19 years, the American Massage Therapy Association has celebrated Massage Therapy Awareness Week. The organization is the largest non-profit, professional association serving massage therapists and is considered to be the most trusted and respected name in the industry. This year will be no different, as they will dedicate the week of October 23-29 to be the 20th annual Massage Therapy Awareness Week!

At Elements Massage, we’re naturally excited at any excuse to dive into and brag about the amazing benefits of our craft, so we love that the AMTA has chosen one special week to celebrate all that massage can do for a person. But, we have decided that just one week is not enough for us!!! So, we are dedicating the entire month of October to sharing what the latest scientific research as to say about massage and how it has the power enrich one’s health. October IS Massage Therapy Awareness Month at Elements Belmont!

Did you realize that massage is difficult to study? It’s not a cut-and-dry thing that can be easily measured, so for a number of years, there was not much research even being done, never mind available as information. However, thanks to many dedicated pioneers, advancing technology and innovation over the past few decades, careful research has been conducted and stringently analyzed in order to provide us with the information we may naturally crave as human beings. We may want to see that what we’re doing for ourselves actually makes a difference. We want to know why we should try something. And maybe even most naggingly, we want to know how it works.

In contrast to the more scientifically-driven mind, some of us just feel better after a massage, and that’s good enough for us. In fact, we feel so wonderful after the weight of life has literally and figuratively been lifted off of our shoulders that we want to tell all of our friends about the treasure we have discovered in massage. The only problem is that they want the evidence. Good news!!! There is plenty of it to point to that shows the details about the what, why, and how massage works to get us feeling better and being more relaxed.

Over the next four weeks, we will be taking to social media to celebrate all the wonderful gifts of massage therapy! Follow us on Facebook as we share the research and the reasons massage is the thing we each here at Elements has chosen as our life work. If you’re new around here, we encourage you to give massage a try as it just might change your life the way it has for so many of our clients!

Happy Massage Therapy Awareness Month!!!

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