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The Art of Swedish Massage

The Art of Swedish Massage

Elements Massage Arvada

One of the most popular massage modalities available today, Swedish massage is what typically comes to mind when visualizing a relaxing, peaceful massage. Did you know that the term, Swedish massage, is a bit of a misnomer though?


You will only find the term Swedish massage used within the United States. Other countries don’t use the phrase to describe this type of massage! In fact, a Swedish massage has little to nothing to do with Sweden or the Swedish people. Originally coined by the Dutch practitioner, Johan Georg Mezger, he went on to create the names that describe the different strokes and movements that make up the form of a Swedish massage. These strokes are known as effleurage, petrissage, tapotement, and frictions.

Useful Massage
Utilized to alleviate a wide variety of conditions, Swedish massage is an excellent form of massage for the following:

  • Compromised Immune Systems
    When your mind and body are stressed, your body produces the stress hormone Cortisol. The production of this hormone can have a negative effect on how well your immune system is able to ward of sickness and disease. When it comes to Swedish massage, the gentle and relaxing strokes involved can help reduce the production of this stress hormone and instead boost the production of feel-good hormones like dopamine. This is especially critical for individuals who suffer from sensitive or compromised immune systems like those with chronic illnesses or pain.
  • Recovering From Injury
    Another way Swedish massage can deliver impactful results is for those that have recently suffered an injury or are in recovery mode after rigorous exercise or a training regimen. As a way to address the body’s many different layers of muscles and help work out soreness and knots, Swedish massage is an excellent tool for improving mobility, flexibility, and relieving pain.
  • In Need of Circulation
    Lastly, Swedish massage can lend a boost in circulatory system function that enables more blood to move throughout your body. In turn, this oxygenates your blood, brings nutrients where needed, and aids in a quicker processing of toxins and waste.

As an approachable method, this type of massage is a great introduction to the holistic and therapeutic powers of a relaxing session on the table. Learn more by visiting our studio or talking to one of our professional massage therapists today!

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