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Help Manage Diabetes with Massage

Help Manage Diabetes with Massage

Elements Massage Arvada

According to recent studies by, more than 29 million adult Americans suffer from diabetes today. This common metabolic disease affects blood sugar levels, causing the body to produce an inadequate amount of insulin, a critical hormone required to convert food into usable energy (glucose). Without enough insulin, glucose levels can rise to dangerous levels in the bloodstream. When it comes to diabetes, there are technically two different types: Type 1 and Type 2.

Type 1
Type 1 diabetes means that a sufferer is insulin-dependent. This type of the disease afflicts around 10-15 percent of those with diabetes.

Type 2
The more common variation, Type 2 diabetes affects approximately 85 percent of those in the diabetic population. This type of condition is usually managed through oral medication or injections of insulin.

How Massage Can Help
When it comes to managing diabetes, medical monitoring and an intentional focus on health and wellness are two critical methods that enable sufferers to live relatively normal lives. Massage is an excellent way to help boost the mind/body connection while offering a range of benefits including:

-Boosting Circulation
Massage can help boost the body’s natural circulation patterns enabling better blood flow and circulation of lymph.

-Promoting Calmness
By grounding the central nervous system, massage can induce a deeper sense of relation to promote the release of anxiety and tension.

-Stress Break
The ongoing stress of worrying about diabetes can take a toll on your wellbeing. With massage, you can facilitate the release of stress to promote clarity and help elevate your quality of life.

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