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Healthcare or R&R: Where Does Massage Fit?

Healthcare or R&R: Where Does Massage Fit?

Elements Massage Arvada

At Elements Arvada, oftentimes we find ourselves confronted with questions on where massage fits in terms of health and wellness routines. Does it count as healthcare or is it a more leisurely activity? To be honest, our answer is both. Massage doesn’t fit into a neat category and it’s an unfortunate notion that many people believe it needs to be one or the other.

The common misconception around the idea that massage is only R&R instead of a way to contribute to your wellbeing has to do with the idea that our society views relaxation as a luxury. However, more and more research is coming to light that is causing healthcare practitioners to recommend the powerful use of massage used in conjunction with other treatments to help alleviate a wide variety of symptoms including:

-Anxiety and stress


-Chronic migraines and tension headaches

-High blood pressure


-Lower back pain


-And more!

The holistic and non-invasive approach of massage make it tricky to categorically define but the relaxation that massage therapy can bring for general wellbeing and health is an absolute necessity for any individual interested in living their life to the fullest.

Other concrete health benefits attributed to the art of massage include:

-Lower levels of stress hormones and higher levels of good endorphins

-Improved circulation and oxygenation of blood

-Better mood and energy levels

-Improved confidence

-Relief from muscle aches and pains

-More quality sleep

-Less daily aches and pains

-A calmer, more centered feeling

-Increased ability to concentrate or focus

Among other benefits, massage boasts a wide variety of benefits to help you both look and feel your best. Talk to your doctor about how regular massage therapy sessions could provide you with much needed attention to target your individual needs.

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