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Eat local food

Eat local food

Ever wonder where your food comes from? By law your local grocer has to disclose the origin of your fresh produce, although most people don't notice the tiny sticker on their apple that states that the fruit actually traveled across the country on a truck from Oregon. Or worse yet, the lush green cucumber you diced up and put on your salad actually came all the way from South America.

Late Spring and early Summer is the time of year that allows all of us here in the Northeast to enjoy a bounty of fresh fruits & vegetables from local farms. Enjoying these foods from your neighborhood farm has 3 major benefits:

1. Your food is fresher, and thus tastes better.

2. Because the travel time from when the food was picked or gathered has been cut down tremendously, you are getting more nutrients in your produce than if you had to wait 7 to 10 days to eat that same food after it was picked in some other part of the world.

3. You are supporting local commerce, which benefits us all. Shop small, shop local.

Check out the most amazing farmer's market at Pearl Street, West Acton every Sunday from 10:00 AM 'til 1PM. There you will find fresh produce, fruits, vegetables and even meats! It really is quite impressive, and now you know how much healthier local food can be for your body.

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