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Massage and Medical History: Top Three Things to Tell Your Therapist

Posted: 12/14/2014

  If you’re looking for a good massage therapist, it’s important to find someone who is invested in getting to know the entirety of their clients and not just what hurts in the moment. A good therapist wants to know not only how a client feels mentally and physically at the time of the massage appointment, but also how they can help their clients move forward...

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Minimize Holiday Stress by Not Stuffing Your Calendar

Posted: 11/24/2014

  The Thanksgiving turkey may be the most common item that’s stuffed during the holiday, but if you let over-commitments, responsibilities and holiday stress pile up, you may soon find that your personal and professional calendars are bursting at the seams. To help reduce holiday stress and becoming overwhelmed, Elements Massage of Murfreesboro suggests incorporating...

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Relax, Repair, Rejuvenate with Swedish Massage Therapy

Posted: 11/16/2014

  Swedish massage is one of the most well-known massage techniques in the industry, but it may not always get the credit it deserves when it comes to repairing and rejuvenating both your mind and body. Often overshadowed by the more in-depth and specific modalities such as deep tissue, trigger point and sports massage, Swedish massage techniques...

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Massage & Arthritis

Posted: 11/10/2014

Like many people with arthritis, Connie DeIanni has days when her pain is hard to manage. One tactic she uses to fight her pain, as well as the stress that comes along with it, is a soothing massage. “I’ve used massage as a therapy, but more for the sore muscles that are compromised due to flares,” says DeIanni, a bank employee and college student who has...

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Massage Therapy vs Physical Therapy

Posted: 11/03/2014

  If you’ve ever had an injury, surgery or have a future operation planned, one of the most common concerns you probably have is how long you’re going to be in recovery mode. To help enhance your recovery and complement your physical therapy routine post-surgery or post-injury, Elements Massage of Murfreesboro recommends incorporating regular massage therapy...

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6 Surprising Health Benefits Of Massage Therapy

Posted: 10/27/2014

    Sure, it can help you relax. But massage therapy can do much more than that. Here are six healthy reasons to book an appointment. It counteracts all that sitting you do “Most individuals are dealing with some kind of postural stress,” says Aaron Tanason, registered massage therapist and kinesiologist. “More often than not [that stress]...

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Feed Your Muscles to Promote Healthy Healing

Posted: 10/20/2014

  The old saying, “You are what you eat,” does not only apply when you’re looking to shed a few pounds. Fueling your body properly is an important part of how your muscles recover after a vigorous workout or injury. To promote peak muscle performance and improve the body’s natural healing process, it may be helpful to evaluate your diet to ensure...

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Massage 101: Ten Tips to Getting the Best Massage

Posted: 10/14/2014

  When you make a commitment to routine massage therapy sessions, you’re committing to a lifestyle that is focused on overall health and wellness. To make sure that you’re getting the best massage every time, Elements Massage of Murfreesboro suggests adopting the following top ten tips to enhance your massage therapy experience. Tip No. 1: Set...

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Study Determines Optimal Dose of Massage for Osteoarthritis of the Knee Pain Research

Posted: 10/06/2014

  Posted By: National Center for Complimentary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) on 09/30/2014 A recent study found that a 60-minute “dose” of Swedish massage therapy delivered once a week for pain due to osteoarthritis of the knee was both optimal and practical, establishing a standard for use in future research. This trial, funded by NCCAM and...

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Woman Power: Be a Healthy, Happy, Fit Female

Posted: 09/29/2014

  If you’re planning on dedicating some time and energy to becoming happier, healthier and more fit this fall, the following three tips from Elements Massage in Murfreesboro can help you get started on living a life of overall health and wellness. Be the Woman You Want to Be There are a lot of stereotypes and opinions in society around how women should...

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