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Keys to Protecting Massage Therapist Longevity

Sep 18, 2016 Therapist News

Elements Massage™ Elm Grove knows how important Massage Therapist longevity is. From studio ownership to leadership, to the staff, the entire team is treated with just as much care as members.   Elements Massage™ Elm Grove protects massage therapy longevity with: Scheduling based on individual limits 15 minutes in between sessions PAID massage...

Techniques for Headache Relief

Garrett Curler Aug 23, 2016 Therapist News

Learn about treatment of migraine and tension headaches through
massage. Includes self-care techniques for clients.

How to Establish a Physical Therapy Referral

Garrett Curler Aug 15, 2016 Therapist News

Helping your clients meet their wellness goals sometimes requires thinking beyond the massage room.  Your client's specific circumstance may be benefited by incorporating some complimentary treatments.  The challenge for many massage therapists, however, is knowing which practioner may best fit the needs of the client.  This article describes a process for  selecting a physical therapy clinic to recommend to massage clients that may benefit from PT.

Referring A Massage Client To Another Massage Therapist: When and Why

Garrett Curler Aug 15, 2016 Therapist News

You have a client on your massage table, and, as you proceed through the session, you realize that the client's needs, at least in part, are outside of your areas of strength and know how.  It can be a challenging moment for a massage therapist, as referring out may impact your income.  However, doing what's in the best interest of the client (including a referral to another MT) does align with the long term success of your massage practice.  This article explores effective ways to refer to other massage therapists, and the likely impacts to your practice.

Making Professional Referrals to PT's

Garrett Curler Mar 13, 2016 Therapist News

Many massage therapists receive only the most cursory education when it comes to professional referral.  Generally, somewhere in the course of a professional ethics class we will be taught that we need to refer our clients to the appropriate healthcare professional when their needs go beyond our scope of practice.  We are taught the limits of our scope, but given a vague catch all along the lines that anything beyond that should be sent to someone else, and when in doubt that someone else should be a doctor.

However, there is a lot more to know than just those couple sentences.  Is scope of practice the only reason to refer out?  By referring out, aren’t we just admitting to the client that we can’t help them?  From a business point of view, aren’t we simply sending our paying clients away?  Sadly, answering these questions is something that most of us have to learn by trial and error over years of experience.  I have been fortunate enough in my career to work closely with a physical therapy practice, even helping to manage multiple clinics for a year and a half.  In the course of that time I feel I have learned some valuable aspects to professional referral that I can share with my fellow massage therapists.

Massage Best Practices Training Event

Jodi Feb 19, 2015 Therapist News

On Monday night, the Elements Elm Grove team got together at the studio to share their tried and true techniques for addressing head, neck, and shoulder issues.

Alesia joins our therapist team!

Jodi Sep 18, 2012 Therapist News

Welcome Alesia to our great team of massage therapists!  Alesia was drawn to massage therapy as a way to help others.  According to Alesia:

"Pleasure to be joining a great group of therapists!  The one great thing that never gets old about massage therapy is all the wonderful feedback you get from clients after a session, how great they feel or that they feel at ease after such a stressful day. At the end of a day I feel so good about what I do."

Alesia will be available for massage appointments on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and every other Satuday and Sunday.  Great to have you on board Alesia!

Welcome Amanda to the Elements Team!

Jodi Aug 15, 2012 Therapist News

Great news!  Another great therapist has joined the elements team.  Welcome Amanda!  Amanda is a graduate of Anthem School of Massage.  She brings expertise in a variety of massage modalities to our studio, including deep tissue, prenatal, and sports massage.  Here's what Amanda had to say about why she got into massage:

"I wasn't always interested in massage. In high school I got my first massage on an Alaskan cruise and thought it was amazing. I always wanted to go into the medical field and help people but hospitals and clinics make me uncomfortable so I looked into other ways to help people and found massage. I also chose massage because its so versatile with all the different benefits and modalities that you can get into. I figured I'd never get bored and I love how every massage is customized differently to the client. I feel like I help clients everyday whether it be to help certain muscle groups or just to help them relax."

Awesome.  Amanda is in the studio on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, and every other Saturday and Sunday.  Give us a call to set up your appointment with Amanda today!!

Welcome Elizabeth to our team!

Jodi Aug 15, 2012 Therapist News

Elizabeth comes to the Elements team with 4 years of experience and massage education from Educating Hands School of Massage.  What drew Elizabeth to massage?  She reports: 

"I would give others back rubs as well and would always be told how good they felt and that I should go into massage. I always enjoyed making people feel better. I always knew I wanted to be in the health care industry helping people. I went to college for exercise science and planned on getting my masters in occupational therapy to then specialize in dolphin assisted therapy. But something was missing. I left college before finishing the exercise science and decided to go to school for massage therapy!"

We are lucky to have her, and already receiving wonderful reviews from her clients.  Deep tissue massage is her specialty!  Elizabeth is in studio Tuesday and Friday afternoon and evenings, and every other weekend.


elements, Elm Grove welcomes another new therapist - Cindy

Jodi Jun 28, 2012 Therapist News

In order to make sure that we are there for you massage needs when you need us, we've added another great new therapist. Welcome to the team Cindy! Cindy is a graduate of the excellent program at Lakeside School of Massage Therapy.  Cindy is commited to wellness, and works with others who care to seek it. Not only is Cindy a talented massage therapist, she is also a dance and pilates instructor. An athelete herself, Cindy is a good match for sports massage seekers as well as clients seeking to incorporate massage into their wellness routine. Cindy is available on Tuesday and every other Saturday afternoon and evening, and also on Thursday and every other Sunday morning and early afternoon. Welcome to the team Cindy!


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