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Unlock the Knots with Trigger Point Massage

Posted: 04/04/2014

The body is a matrix of intertwined muscles, joints and tendons. Trigger point therapy taps into the body’s internal web of muscles and tissues to unlock common chronic and injury-related pains caused by tension and stress. Everybody has trigger points, but whether they’re activated or not can depend on if an area has undergone trauma, stress, overuse or injury. When...

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The Long and Short of How Stress Affects Your Health

Posted: 01/30/2014

Are you often cranky, lethargic, irritable and unhappy? Do you have consistent headaches, neck pain, tense shoulders and tired back muscles? If this describes your normal disposition then you more than likely are feeling the effects of living an all-too-common stressed-out lifestyle. If you don’t start taking steps to break down the stress in your life soon, then it can...

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Dealing With the Pain in Your Neck

Posted: 12/30/2013

From getting stuck in traffic and burning the midnight oil at work to battling crowds during the holiday shopping season, life is full of pains in the neck. While these common situations can cause major annoyances in your daily life, when you feel an actual real pain in your neck that shoots, dulls or pounds throughout your head, neck and shoulder area, the result can be debilitating...

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Preventing Procrastination

Posted: 12/01/2013

Doing what you’re supposed to, when you’re supposed to sounds pretty straightforward, doesn’t it? However, the majority of Americans today struggle with the simple tasks of staying focused, keeping on task and finishing projects on time. As soon as you start putting things off, running your life by the seat of your pants, and getting sidetracked by less important...

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Early Birds or Night Owls: Who Gets the Best Sleep?

Posted: 11/01/2013

Everyone knows that you need good sleep to function properly. But does it really matter whether you sleep under the light of the sun or the glow of the moon?Social trends and many experts agree that the benefits of sleep tend to lean more toward the early birds. But, it might surprise you that being an early bird doesn’t necessarily mean getting up before the rooster crows...

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Navigating Pain: Pinpointing the Causes and Effects

Posted: 10/02/2013

The journey to alleviating pain can be a long road if you solely focus on where your pain is rather than determining the actual source of your discomfort. To help you chart a course to a more pain-free lifestyle, Juliette Stuard, massage therapist at Elements West Chester, breaks down the three most common pain areas in the body and provides pointers for finding relief and relaxation....

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Real Men, Real Massage

Posted: 08/30/2013

Massage sometimes can get a bad rap as being only for women and not something that strong, professional and rugged men can benefit from. The truth of the matter is, though, that real men know that massage can be the secret weapon for successful careers, family life and sports competitions.“Any guy who has played any level of sports or training knows how important massage...

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The Recipe for Healthy Summer Skin

Posted: 07/16/2013

The old saying, “garbage in, garbage out,” not only applies to how well your body performs athletically, but it also is a leading factor to how your skin looks and feels. What you put into your body is as important to the smoothness of your skin as what you put on it.“People think that smooth, soft skin comes from putting on body lotions and oils,” said...

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Five Steps to Making a Difference in Your Community

Posted: 05/20/2013

Before you pull out your checkbook and write another donation check to a national organization this year, it may be beneficial to look first at local volunteer opportunities that will positively affect those living in your neighborhood and the greater good of your community.Colleen O‘Connor, owner of the Elements Massage Louisville East studio, recently felt the need to...

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The Art of Motherhood Juggling

Posted: 05/20/2013

Being a mom is one of the most precious, rewarding and challenging jobs on the market. When you sign up to become a mom, everyone tells you the best baby equipment to buy, the best pediatrician to contact and the best preschools to start wait-listing your child on before they’re even born. What most forget to share, though, is the need for a mother to become a master juggler...

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