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Massage & Tension Headaches

Massage & Tension Headaches

Everyone who gets tension headaches or migraines on a regular basis knows just how miserable they can be, and how much they can affect your daily life. Many people turn to massage to help ease the pain, but why exactly is getting a massage a good idea if you are suffering from tension headaches, and is there a certain amount of prevention you can do to help? 

* What is a tension headache? A tension headache is usually stress-related, and it is the most common type of headache. The pain is usually not as overwhelming as a migraine, but it is constant, and feels like pressure is being applied to the face and neck. Tension headaches can be chronic for people – some may get them 15 or more times per month. 

* Why does massage help tension headaches? Tension headaches stem from muscular tension and also postural issues. By relaxing the muscles using massage, tension headaches can be reduced greatly. The added benefit of relaxing during the massage may help the triggers of the headache as well – the feelings of stress, anxiety and overwhelm are likely to get better after taking an hour to relax and enjoy a massage. 

* Can massage help prevent tension headaches? Research does show that getting massages once or twice a month can greatly help reduce tension headaches. Many people who make a commitment to getting these massages regularly report greatly reduced incidences of headaches, as well as reduced pain when they do occur. 

If you or someone you know suffers from tension headaches regularly, call us today to schedule some time to relax and enjoy a massage! The time invested prior to the headache will benefit you in the long run, and provide less interruption to your life and daily routine if you can avoid getting these headaches. Call Elements Massage Westminster today at 303.450.3033 or email us at info@elementsmassagewestminster.com for more information.

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