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Integrative Reflexology® Now Available

Integrative Reflexology® Now Available

All of us at Elements Massage Westminster are thrilled to announce yet another new service available at our store – Integrative Reflexology ®! For those of you who have previously enjoyed a reflexology massage in the past, we wanted to take this opportunity to explain how our approach is slightly different.

Reflexology Massages – What Are They?

At the core of reflexology, your massage therapist is applying appropriate pressure to specific areas (or points) on your body. These points are in areas such as your feet, hands or ears. The reason for applying pressure to these areas is that these reflex points correspond to different organs and systems in your body and focusing on these points can have beneficial effects on organs and a person’s overall health. Traditional reflexology is applied without lotion or oils.

Overall, like all types of massages, reflexology can be extremely relaxing, therapeutic and can help ease tension in muscles and improve circulation.

Integrative Reflexology® - How Is It Different?

Integrative Reflexology® is different than traditional reflexology, which is performed by a reflexologist, requires a separate training and discipline than traditional massage therapy. At Elements Massage Westminster, our massage therapists have been trained in Integrative Reflexology® and are now accepting appointments!

By combining traditional massages with the core of reflexology, we believe that our Integrative Reflexology® massages are truly effective. Many of our clients are already telling us that they love the combination of the two techniques and find this type of massage better than a traditional reflexology massage.

Therapists who are certified in Integrative Reflexology® understand the foot structure and the importance it plays in the body’s alignment. The certified Integrative Reflexology® massage therapist will properly apply techniques that create energy pathways through the fingers and toes. These energy pathways can help create better circulation.

Because areas of the feet correlate with numerous parts of the body, your massage therapist can start working with your feet to release pain and tension before moving to the troublesome area to apply traditional massage techniques.

If you want to incorporate Integrative Reflexology® into your next massage therapy session with us, please plan to book a 90-minute massage.  To properly perform the techniques of Integrative Reflexology®, the extra time is needed.

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