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Drinking Water After Massages

Drinking Water After Massages

If you have had a massage recently you may remember leaving the massage room feeling relaxed and refreshed but also receiving some advice from your massage therapist to drink plenty of water. Sound familiar?

Some of our clients are curious as to why they are encouraged to drink water after receiving a massage. Whether or not you realize it, drinking water after your massage is just as important as the massage itself!

When your muscles are tight and sore (basically the main reason that you would want to get a massage) it is because your muscles in your body are blocked. Muscles are blocked from proper blood flow due to stress, physical activity, injury or even emotional distress. During a massage, your therapist is able to “work out those knots” and get proper blood flow and nutrients to that deprived area. (It is important to note that this process is also very dehydrating on your body overall.)

But (and here is the big but), those toxins that are built up in the tight muscles are in danger of remaining in your body even though your massage therapist has worked them out. You need to flush them out! So, fill up that water bottle and be sure to rehydrate those muscles after your massage. And don’t underestimate the power of water in your everyday life. Drinking plenty of water can help with headaches, weight loss and more.

Drinking water ahead of your next massage can also help prepare your muscles for their big transformation. (Don’t drink too much because you don’t want a full bladder on the massage table.)

Cheers to hydration!

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