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Holiday Celebration: Member Appreciation Party

Elements Massage Westminster Nov 4, 2017 Our Studio

All Elements Wellness Program Members are invited to join Elements Massage Westminster for a Holiday Celebration.

Combating Depression with Massage

Elements Massage Westminster Oct 18, 2017 Our Studio

By delivering a boost to health and wellness, massage can promote positive biochemistry for those fighting against depression.

Effects of Stress

Elements Massage Westminster Jun 23, 2017 Our Studio

To combat stress in a healthy manner, it is important to find and execute a coping strategy that works for you like massage.

Why Hikers Need Massage

Elements Massage Westminster Mar 24, 2017 Our Studio

After hitting the trails, there is nothing more rejuvenating than a full body massage. Here are some of the common problem areas that you will want to ask your massage therapist to focus on.

Toys for Tots at Elements Massage Westminster

Elements Massage Westminster Nov 17, 2016 Our Studio

Catch the spirit of giving this holiday season at Elements Massage Westminster! We are an official drop off location for the Toys for Tots charity!

Integrative Reflexology® Now Available

Nov 2, 2016 Our Studio

All of us at Elements Massage Westminster are thrilled to announce yet another new service available at our store – Integrative Reflexology ®! For those of you who have previously enjoyed a reflexology massage in the past, we wanted to take this opportunity to explain how our approach is slightly different.

Himalayan Salt Stones Now Available

Oct 27, 2016 Our Studio

Have you heard the good news? Elements Massage has partnered with Saltability, providers of pure Himalayan Salt Stones. This means that our customers can now add Himalayan Salt Stones to their massages as an upgrade! In case you haven’t heard about Himalayan Salt Stones and the many benefits of using them, we are here to share all things wonderful about these amazing...

How Does Massage Boost Your Immunity?

Oct 12, 2016 Our Studio

In the past several years, massage has gotten the reputation for helping people boost their immune system, and avoid many of the small colds and flus that come through each year during the fall and winter months.  While anecdotally we believe that massage boosts your immune system, is there science behind that claim that massage helps your immune system fight things off?  Researchers from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center conducted a study to find out what happens to your body during and after a massage

Massage & Tension Headaches

Oct 5, 2016 Our Studio

Everyone who gets tension headaches or migraines on a regular basis knows just how miserable they can be, and how much they can affect your daily life. Many people turn to massage to help ease the pain, but why exactly is getting a massage a good idea if you are suffering from tension headaches, and is there a certain amount of prevention you can do to help? 

Frequency of Massages – A Guide For Everyone

Sep 28, 2016 Our Studio

For anyone who has had a massage, we could all certainly agree that the post-massage feeling is wonderful. Our clients often find themselves saying: “I can’t wait to get another massage!” But when should you book an appointment for another massage? How soon is too soon? Is more frequent better for your body?

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